End 2018 with a laugh with this Mom remix of Cardi B [VIDEO]

Not all (s)heroes wear capes. In this case, her name’s Jessica Schrody and she’s wearing lingerie, gold hoops, and turning Cardi B.’s NSFW currency anthem “Money” into something more #relatable.

She had us as soon as she said: “My life is a mess/why did I have kids?/Boarding school is next/I like morning sex/But I can’t get no D/with her all in my bed.” 😭

Watch the video below and check out more of her hilarious words and videos on Instagram and at shereallyhadababy.com.

Boss Mama: Sarah Eisenberg, social worker & social justice advocate

sarah eisenberg, MAMA OF one, clinical social worker, social justice advocate | PHOTO:    facebook/Sarah Eisenberg

sarah eisenberg, MAMA OF one, clinical social worker, social justice advocate | PHOTO: facebook/Sarah Eisenberg

In the current emotionally-charged political environment, this #BossMama is working to teach people how to come together. Sarah Eisenberg, a clinical social worker by day, recently launched Bridging the Divide, a workshop designed to "help individuals learn the skills to communicate more productively with people of different political and cultural beliefs, and advocate for change in their families and communities."

The mother of one has worked on the Women's March Michigan leadership team for the past two years, and through her role as a social worker, provide services and advocacy for the transgender community. "I'm hustling as hard as I can, 24/7, in metro Detroit," she told us. 

As many mamas know all too well, emotional labor is often some of the most difficult (and least compensated) work, and Sarah says she's grateful for her role as a mother and wife that helps give her the foundation to be out there fighting for peace and justice day in and day out. 

Here's what Sarah told us:  

I’m a mom to an extremely active, funny, intense 2yo who lifts my heart and runs me ragged four days a week. I am a partner, lover, and friend to my spouse of 7yrs, whose support helps keep me somewhat close to sane.  I try to be a positive influence in the lives around me, from my neighborhood to my friends to my family to my book club.  I run on coffee and wine and chutzpah and hope.

Go girl. 

We want to showcase all the mothers who are striving for MORE, who may not have it ALL together but are doing the damn thing nonetheless.Are you a Boss Mama or know of one who won't toot her own horn? Let us know!

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Boss Mama: Janica Smith, founder of The Future is Female Detroit, LLC

janica smith, mama of two, founder - the future is female detroit | photo:     Asia Asiatic Hamilton

janica smith, mama of two, founder - the future is female detroit | photo: Asia Asiatic Hamilton

We are thrilled to begin our #BossMama series with this lady right here. Janica has been a supporter of Detroit Mama Hub from the get-go, and now she's the visionary behind The Future is Female Detroit, a women’s empowerment firm that supports growth, development and advancement of women in Metro Detroit.

With a background in product and nonprofit management and advocacy, Janica has assisted several women entrepreneurs with start-ups and has served on many executive boards. She has a long history of supporting and encouraging women of all backgrounds to link together for one common goal: GROWTH. 

Growth is the mindset behind the upcoming The Future is Female Detroit Expo, being held on June 2.  “The goal of the expo is to meet the future entrepreneur where they are - to provide tools and actionable resources to enable her to take the next steps on her path to entrepreneurialism. We plan to not only inspire but provide a tangible plan for her. The Future is Female Detroit is an expo for those in the pursuit of their purpose," says Janica. Learn more and get tickets to the Expo here

Here's what Janica told us about what makes her a Boss Mama: 

I’m a Boss Mama because I am newly divorced, raising two amazing little brown girls who are energetic, outgoing, and full of optimism while juggling nursing school, a freelance merchandising job, plus executing a Women’s Empowerment in Business Expo and launching a Firm.

Get it, mama. 

We want to showcase all the mothers who are striving for MORE, who may not have it ALL together but are doing the damn thing nonetheless.Are you a Boss Mama or know of one who won't toot her own horn? Let us know!

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What's In a Name? - How Three Detroit Mamas Chose Their Baby Names


Naming a human being is quite a responsibility. Whether you've been dreaming up names since middle school -- my future baby's name was gonna be Angelina Aneé, because alliteration -- or if you're waiting until you meet your new person to pick, there's one surefire way to choose something that you'll be happy with forever. 

Pick a name that means something to you. 

Not every name is going to have a personal history, but finding some significance beyond the letters is important. Names can be used to pay homage to those who came before us or created by reimagining the possibilities of language, putting letters together in new ways that challenge the tongue and inspire the mind. 

Ultimately, it's one of the most creative things we're able to do, and as such, we do no harm in considering it a great honor. But hey, let's not get too serious, naming your baby should be fun and give you joy in knowing that in a small way, you are helping shape the person they will be. 

With that in mind, here's some wonderful stories from some Detroit mamas on how they got their babes' names. Grab a tissue, this might get those pregnancy hormones all kinds of fired up. 


Elora Darling

"[My husband and I] both love film and it’s been a large part of our relationship. On a random afternoon we were both off of work we watched Willow together, for the hundredth time. I suggested Elora and he liked it, that’s what the baby in the film is named. We liked it specifically cause it sound good in Spanish and English. We looked up the meaning, but there are many, I liked 'one who leads' from a Gaelic version of the name, and I’ll tell you she is a leader! Her middle name was Guido’s idea, Darling, also after a love for another fantasy story, Peter Pan and the Darling children. Thus, Elora Darling was born!" - Mary

Koi Kai

"My son's name is Koi Kai -- Koi, like the fish, and Kai, my grandfather's name. There's a legend that the Koi fish that succeeds to swim upstream, climb the waterfall, and reach the Dragon Gate is transformed into a Dragon. The Koi symbolizes ambition, perseverance, and courage! I named by son Koi knowing that my little fish will continuously grow and find his own path in life, gaining strength and wisdom along the way." - Jonesy, 



My father passed away just 3 months before my son was born. My husband suggested we name him after my dad Werner. So....we americanized it a bit from the German version and called him Warner!" - Lhasa

Detroit Mamas Love Pizza[Plex]


Detroit is well-known for its pizza. Square, sauce, cheese, yes please! It's a safe bet meal for busy fams -- as long as your kid likes sauce, unlike mine 😣  -- so we were ecstatic to learn about PizzaPlex in Southwest, a "community pizzeria, coffee shop, and event space." 

But PizzaPlex doesn't dish up the typical Motor City pies, its menu is made up of authentic, Neopolitan pizzas (think thin-crust, simple ingredients, and wood-fired) and we tried one out on a low-key, rainy Thursday night. 

The front seating area is made up mostly of four-person booths, which is good for adults, but if you've got little ones, we learned quickly you either have to take up two tables or better yet, opt for a seat in the larger dining area located in the adjacent room. 

In this room there's tons of space, an area with a gigantic chalkboard (great for meetings!), a foosball table, and a bunch of boardgames. The staff was super friendly and didn't mind at all when we took the girls to check out (read: run around) the empty larger room. Thanks, guys. 

There's a nice wine selection, cocktails, and a bunch of amaros and apertifs (oh hey Chartreuse, how ya doin' Campari), beers, and espresso concoctions. I got a glass of Chianti, while Jalyn ordered the Champagne of Beers because sometimes it's just like that. The girls delighted in the Foccacia (pizza dough cooked solo, topped with raw EVOO, salt, and oregano) while using the free Wifi - bonus! -  and we ordered the Marinara Plex (San Marzano tomato sauce, garlic oregano, cherry tomatoes, pecorino, fresh basil and EVOO). How was it? BOMB.

We're loving the vibes this place has and love its mission of creating a space that supports and welcomes community. In addition to its dining space, which is available for community events, PizzaPlex has a pretty great Sustainability Plan (check it out here!) and offers a 'Sospeso culture,' which refers to a practice common in Naples, Italy where a customer altruistically (and anonymously) buys an extra coffee for a stranger who can't afford a cup that day. Get more info on that here

We know our girls were kinda sad there wasn't a pepperoni option, but who needs pepperoni when you can have a little taste of Naples right here in the D? Check em out on Vernor Highway, online, and on Facebook.  See pics of our night below!