Detroit Mamas Love Pizza[Plex]


Detroit is well-known for its pizza. Square, sauce, cheese, yes please! It's a safe bet meal for busy fams -- as long as your kid likes sauce, unlike mine 😣  -- so we were ecstatic to learn about PizzaPlex in Southwest, a "community pizzeria, coffee shop, and event space." 

But PizzaPlex doesn't dish up the typical Motor City pies, its menu is made up of authentic, Neopolitan pizzas (think thin-crust, simple ingredients, and wood-fired) and we tried one out on a low-key, rainy Thursday night. 

The front seating area is made up mostly of four-person booths, which is good for adults, but if you've got little ones, we learned quickly you either have to take up two tables or better yet, opt for a seat in the larger dining area located in the adjacent room. 

In this room there's tons of space, an area with a gigantic chalkboard (great for meetings!), a foosball table, and a bunch of boardgames. The staff was super friendly and didn't mind at all when we took the girls to check out (read: run around) the empty larger room. Thanks, guys. 

There's a nice wine selection, cocktails, and a bunch of amaros and apertifs (oh hey Chartreuse, how ya doin' Campari), beers, and espresso concoctions. I got a glass of Chianti, while Jalyn ordered the Champagne of Beers because sometimes it's just like that. The girls delighted in the Foccacia (pizza dough cooked solo, topped with raw EVOO, salt, and oregano) while using the free Wifi - bonus! -  and we ordered the Marinara Plex (San Marzano tomato sauce, garlic oregano, cherry tomatoes, pecorino, fresh basil and EVOO). How was it? BOMB.

We're loving the vibes this place has and love its mission of creating a space that supports and welcomes community. In addition to its dining space, which is available for community events, PizzaPlex has a pretty great Sustainability Plan (check it out here!) and offers a 'Sospeso culture,' which refers to a practice common in Naples, Italy where a customer altruistically (and anonymously) buys an extra coffee for a stranger who can't afford a cup that day. Get more info on that here

We know our girls were kinda sad there wasn't a pepperoni option, but who needs pepperoni when you can have a little taste of Naples right here in the D? Check em out on Vernor Highway, online, and on Facebook.  See pics of our night below!