What's In a Name? - How Three Detroit Mamas Chose Their Baby Names


Naming a human being is quite a responsibility. Whether you've been dreaming up names since middle school -- my future baby's name was gonna be Angelina Aneé, because alliteration -- or if you're waiting until you meet your new person to pick, there's one surefire way to choose something that you'll be happy with forever. 

Pick a name that means something to you. 

Not every name is going to have a personal history, but finding some significance beyond the letters is important. Names can be used to pay homage to those who came before us or created by reimagining the possibilities of language, putting letters together in new ways that challenge the tongue and inspire the mind. 

Ultimately, it's one of the most creative things we're able to do, and as such, we do no harm in considering it a great honor. But hey, let's not get too serious, naming your baby should be fun and give you joy in knowing that in a small way, you are helping shape the person they will be. 

With that in mind, here's some wonderful stories from some Detroit mamas on how they got their babes' names. Grab a tissue, this might get those pregnancy hormones all kinds of fired up. 


Elora Darling

"[My husband and I] both love film and it’s been a large part of our relationship. On a random afternoon we were both off of work we watched Willow together, for the hundredth time. I suggested Elora and he liked it, that’s what the baby in the film is named. We liked it specifically cause it sound good in Spanish and English. We looked up the meaning, but there are many, I liked 'one who leads' from a Gaelic version of the name, and I’ll tell you she is a leader! Her middle name was Guido’s idea, Darling, also after a love for another fantasy story, Peter Pan and the Darling children. Thus, Elora Darling was born!" - Mary

Koi Kai

"My son's name is Koi Kai -- Koi, like the fish, and Kai, my grandfather's name. There's a legend that the Koi fish that succeeds to swim upstream, climb the waterfall, and reach the Dragon Gate is transformed into a Dragon. The Koi symbolizes ambition, perseverance, and courage! I named by son Koi knowing that my little fish will continuously grow and find his own path in life, gaining strength and wisdom along the way." - Jonesy, 



My father passed away just 3 months before my son was born. My husband suggested we name him after my dad Werner. So....we americanized it a bit from the German version and called him Warner!" - Lhasa