Boss Mama: Janica Smith, founder of The Future is Female Detroit, LLC

janica smith, mama of two, founder - the future is female detroit | photo:     Asia Asiatic Hamilton

janica smith, mama of two, founder - the future is female detroit | photo: Asia Asiatic Hamilton

We are thrilled to begin our #BossMama series with this lady right here. Janica has been a supporter of Detroit Mama Hub from the get-go, and now she's the visionary behind The Future is Female Detroit, a women’s empowerment firm that supports growth, development and advancement of women in Metro Detroit.

With a background in product and nonprofit management and advocacy, Janica has assisted several women entrepreneurs with start-ups and has served on many executive boards. She has a long history of supporting and encouraging women of all backgrounds to link together for one common goal: GROWTH. 

Growth is the mindset behind the upcoming The Future is Female Detroit Expo, being held on June 2.  “The goal of the expo is to meet the future entrepreneur where they are - to provide tools and actionable resources to enable her to take the next steps on her path to entrepreneurialism. We plan to not only inspire but provide a tangible plan for her. The Future is Female Detroit is an expo for those in the pursuit of their purpose," says Janica. Learn more and get tickets to the Expo here

Here's what Janica told us about what makes her a Boss Mama: 

I’m a Boss Mama because I am newly divorced, raising two amazing little brown girls who are energetic, outgoing, and full of optimism while juggling nursing school, a freelance merchandising job, plus executing a Women’s Empowerment in Business Expo and launching a Firm.

Get it, mama. 

We want to showcase all the mothers who are striving for MORE, who may not have it ALL together but are doing the damn thing nonetheless.Are you a Boss Mama or know of one who won't toot her own horn? Let us know!

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