Boss Mama: Sarah Eisenberg, social worker & social justice advocate

sarah eisenberg, MAMA OF one, clinical social worker, social justice advocate | PHOTO:    facebook/Sarah Eisenberg

sarah eisenberg, MAMA OF one, clinical social worker, social justice advocate | PHOTO: facebook/Sarah Eisenberg

In the current emotionally-charged political environment, this #BossMama is working to teach people how to come together. Sarah Eisenberg, a clinical social worker by day, recently launched Bridging the Divide, a workshop designed to "help individuals learn the skills to communicate more productively with people of different political and cultural beliefs, and advocate for change in their families and communities."

The mother of one has worked on the Women's March Michigan leadership team for the past two years, and through her role as a social worker, provide services and advocacy for the transgender community. "I'm hustling as hard as I can, 24/7, in metro Detroit," she told us. 

As many mamas know all too well, emotional labor is often some of the most difficult (and least compensated) work, and Sarah says she's grateful for her role as a mother and wife that helps give her the foundation to be out there fighting for peace and justice day in and day out. 

Here's what Sarah told us:  

I’m a mom to an extremely active, funny, intense 2yo who lifts my heart and runs me ragged four days a week. I am a partner, lover, and friend to my spouse of 7yrs, whose support helps keep me somewhat close to sane.  I try to be a positive influence in the lives around me, from my neighborhood to my friends to my family to my book club.  I run on coffee and wine and chutzpah and hope.

Go girl. 

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