Below is a list of classes and workshops that Detroit Mama Hub plans to offer.  Please fill out this brief survey so we can better understand what mamas in our community really want and need.  Thanks! 

  1. Childbirth and Breastfeeding Education Classes:  We will offer classes for a pregnant woman (and a support person) in preparation for the birth of her child.  

  2. Yoga Classes for Pregnancy and Beyond: Yoga classes for pregnant women will be taught by a certified Yoga instructor (specialized in pregnancy fitness).  Mom and Baby yoga classes and general yoga classes for all women will also be offered. 

  3. Zumba Classes: For mamas (and little ones) who want to work up a sweat and have fun doing it.

  4. Mommy & Me Classes: New moms can bring their infants to classes that will offer support, guidance and parenting resources. Topics in the classes can include "Songs to sing to your little one", "How to interact with your 2 week old infant," "What can my baby see & hear?" and "What to expect from your 6 month old." Each class will be guided by a trained Child Specialist Instructor.

  5. Workshops:  Workshops featuring various parenting topics will be featured, including Prenatal and Infant Nutrition workshops, Baby wearing, and Cloth Diapering, Newborn Care 101, Parenting, etc.

  6. Room available to rent: The Mama Hub will provide the class room/studio on a contractual basis for programs and/or private events.

Detroit Mama Hub plans to have a small, carefully curated boutique of items for moms and babies. 

  1. Natural Health Care Products:  A limited selection of trusted, well-researched nutritional supplements and skincare products for mothers and babies will be available.

  2. Infant Care Products: Slings, breastfeeding supplies, soothing items, and feeding tools will be available.  A small selection of layette sets will be available for customers who would like to purchase layettes for baby shower gifts, or other gifts.

  3. Young Infant Toys: A small selection of developmentally appropriate infant toys will be available, which are toxic-free and eco-friendly.

  4. Books:  Books focused on parenting and natural health care will be available.  A small selection of children's books will also be provided.