Jalyn Spencer-Harris
Mama Hub Visionary + Co-Founder
Certified Lactation Consultant, IBCLC

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When I was pregnant with my first child, Zen, in Baltimore, I was surrounded by a network of supportive and caring mamas. This network helped me navigate motherhood and created a foundation for my own discovery and exploration.

Flash forward to my second pregnancy, it was a different story. I was back in my hometown, Detroit, and I couldn’t find anything like what I’d had in Baltimore. Well, unless I wanted to go to the suburbs, which meant traffic, time, and a disconnect from the city. 

So, what do you do when you can't find what you need? You make it yourself. I asked myself how could I recreate the network I'd experienced in Baltimore so that other mothers could feel empowered and supported like I did back then, and the vision for Detroit Mama Hub was born.


Alex Fluegel
Mama Hub Co-Founder, Yoga Instructor
Intuitive Guide | Motherhood + Business

Alex pregnant in 2013

My motherhood journey has been a story of pain, triumph, connection, and healing. I got pregnant unexpectedly while still in college and lost the baby. I didn’t know where or how to process the grief I was feeling and longed to fill the void I couldn’t escape. A few months later, I got pregnant again and began to navigate a journey that would test my mind, body, and spirit, and teach me a whole new way of understanding the world and my place in it.

My partner and I split up shortly after my daughter’s birth, and I quickly found out how important having a support system was. Motherhood was so much lonelier than I ever imagined, and honestly, most days I don’t know how I made it. But I did, and when my daughter was two, we moved to Detroit to build a new life and place to finally call “home.”

I don’t believe in luck and truly believe I was meant to cross paths with Jalyn. In 2016, I joined her on her journey to create an inclusive space for moms where they can find support while building their own lives for themselves and their families.

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Jalyn provides breastfeeding, postpartum doula, and other wellness services. As the mother of two (Zen, 18; Violet, 5), her passion is for supporting women as they reclaim their power and move through each step in their motherhood journey. She enjoys working with families of all colors, shapes, sizes, and orientations.

Education + Experience:

  • International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant

  • 15 years of professional wellness experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree - Chemistry, Spellman College; Bachelor’s Degree - Chemical Engineering, Georgia Tech

  • Master’s Degree - Acupuncture, Maryland University of Integrative Health

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Alex provides opportunities for mothers to connect to their children, to one another, and to their highest selves through yoga and writing. She offers classes, workshops, and services aimed at intuitively guiding women through motherhood and business. Her work is rooted in her values of connection, awareness, justice, wisdom, and love.

Education + Experience:

  • Certified Prenatal Yoga Instructor

  • 10+ years, freelance writing and consulting

  • Bachelor’s Degree - Writing, Grand Valley State University

  • Trained in Perinatal Mood Disorders, Postpartum International

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We believe that all mothers deserve dignity.

We believe in every mother’s innate ability to guide their own journey.

We believe that all mother deserve to thrive, not just survive.

We believe in the power of connection.

We believe motherhood is better together.

Everything we do aims to connect mothers to one another, to their children and families, and most importantly, to themselves. We believe in every mama’s innate ability to guide her own journey and focus our efforts on supporting that in every way we can. Our core programming includes breastfeeding support, lactation consultations, postpartum doula services, support groups, wellness/fitness activities (pre and post-natal yoga, massage, acupuncture), career support, playgroups, and mama meetups. 

Our goal is to hold space for mothers and their children to explore their relationship to one another and to the world around them in a way that is culturally inclusive and socially conscious. At the core of our mission lies the belief that strong mothers build strong communities, and while our programming is guided by the needs of mamas first, we welcome all caregivers and support networks to join with us in making Detroit a place where mothers and their families can thrive

What Mamas Are Saying:

My little girl had a blast—we can’t wait to get more involved!
— Jennie P.